Moving Supports

small_moving_boxesWhether you are right-sizing or moving closer to family, these supports can make your life easier:

• Senior Move Management.

• Decluttering, house clear out and clean up, junk removal and referrals to trusted auction or sale services or donation sites.

• Strategies for sorting and purging beloved family items.

• Household updates including: flooring, paint, small general contracting, house cleaning and carpet shampoo services.

• Home staging and preparation for sale.

• Referrals to Senior Real Estate Specialists with preferred Listing Commission rates to save you thousands of dollars!

• Referral to trusted networks of Financial Advisors, Legal and Will specialists and estate advisors.

• Customized Support and extra care required for the moving supports of Seniors facing the challenges of home readiness and major life changes.

Creating a trusted network of support during a time of transition!


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